Spiral Tower - Edukacinis Žaislas Padidinti

Spiral Tower - Edukacinis Žaislas


Nauja prekė

7 parts in 7 colours
3 marbles with rattle


22,14 €

Pristatymas per 3-7d.d.

Pristatymas per 3-7d.d.

22,14 €

Prekės savybės

Amžius Nuo 0-3 metų
Gamintojas Quercetti

Informacija apie šią prekę

The new marble run for small children Quercetti Spiral Tower lets you build high towers and launch colourful balls with bells that chime as they go down the ramp. The balls are big safe and easy to grip – even for small children – and are full of coloured beads to provide visual as well as auditory stimulation. Building the towers made up of 7 easy-to-assemble pieces and the slow rolling of the balls captures the attention of the child helping to develop hand-eye coordination and the concept of cause and effect. It’s all part of a fun and engaging game.

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