Pixel Art: Puma 7200 - Edukacinis Žaislas Padidinti

Pixel Art: Puma 7200 - Edukacinis Žaislas


Nauja prekė

6 Cards
6 connectable pegboards
7200 pegs in 6 colors


34,05 €

Pristatymas per 2-7d.d.

Pristatymas per 2-7d.d.

34,05 €

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Amžius Nuo 6-9 metų
Gamintojas Quercetti

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With Pixel Art creating an astounding work of art with the popular Quercetti pegs is something both youngsters and adults can now do. Just place the guide sheets over the pegboards start sticking the pegs through them and the game begins! The pegs come in six colours yet if you look at your creation from a distance they will merge as if by magic to form an image with new colours and nuances as if you were looking at a photograph. This is the same principle known as “spatial colour mixing” which was once the basis for Pointillist art in the late Nineteenth Century and is also the technique employed for printing on paper whereby to reproduce photographs whether black & white or full colour one must decompose the image into a series of very small colour dots which are then recomposed and merged back together again by the human eye. The assortment includes six pegboards as well as the pegs themselves which once inserted and glued to a frame of your choice can be hung up on the walls of your home just like a painting. So as you can see you have everything you need to decorate your room with a work of Pixel Art which will astonish everyone with its amazing definition and magical explosion of colour.

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