Magnetino Letters - Edukacinis Žaislas Padidinti

Magnetino Letters - Edukacinis Žaislas


Nauja prekė

1 Magnetic whiteboard 36 x 25 cm
2 Supporting footstands
48 Uppercase alphabet-letter magnets


21,86 €

Pristatymas per 3-7d.d.

Pristatymas per 3-7d.d.

21,86 €

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Amžius Nuo 3-6 metų
Gamintojas Quercetti

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A classic magnetic whiteboard with a shock-absorbing plastic frame: it can easily hold all of the 48 magnets of letters of the alphabet included in the assortment thanks to its large format. It can be propped up on two small footstands which can be easily adjusted so that the board has the right inclination when placed vertically.

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