Konstruktorius ''Techno'' - Edukacinis Žaislas Padidinti

Konstruktorius ''Techno'' - Edukacinis Žaislas


Nauja prekė

1 base
1 storage box with handles
60 screws bolts and washers
4 three-dimensional threaded elements
4 tools
11 bi-dimensional threaded elements
1 album with instructions and examples


30,60 €

Pristatymas per 2-7d.d.

Pristatymas per 2-7d.d.

30,60 €

Prekės savybės

Amžius Nuo 3-6 metų
Gamintojas Quercetti

Informacija apie šią prekę

Children love to play with their parents' tools... in the Tecno carry-case they find all the most common tools very realistic perfectly working and totally safe. They also find all types of screws nuts bolts and washers that they need to match to the correct tools to be able to insert them in the threaded holes of the board. In this way they become familiar with basic mechanical skills and practice their manual dexterity. They can attach the enclosed shapes to create great technical compositions either flat or three-dimensional giving full expression to their fantasy and creativity.

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