Garden Fun Gears: Bugs - Edukacinis Žaislas Padidinti

Garden Fun Gears: Bugs - Edukacinis Žaislas


Nauja prekė

1 base with adesive decorations
1 crank
8 pins
1 flower
1 butterfly
1 gecko
4 insects
5 gears
8 plates


22,39 €

Pristatymas per 2-7d.d.

Pristatymas per 2-7d.d.

22,39 €

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Amžius Nuo 3-6 metų
Gamintojas Quercetti

Informacija apie šią prekę

The classic Quercetti Georello game in a unique version featuring the natural world. Butterflies flowers bees and dragonflies come to life as the gears turn. The flower opens allowing the bee to get to the pollen a butterfly flutters its colourful semi-transparent wings while a dragonfly chases a lizard... Turning the handle sets off a spectacular chain reaction.

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