Piero Benzoni: Extra Luxurious Chess Sets

This is our collection of exceptionally luxurious chess sets handmade by world class master artisans according to globally known sculptor & artist - Piero Benzoni teachings. Each set is certified and numbered limited production piece entirely produced in Italy. For decaded Piero Benzoni name is associated with bespoke luxury sculptures and especially - chess sets. Each set in this collection is produced with amazing attention to details using unique “lost wax” technique. Every pieces is moulded from bronze and coated in either 24k gold or silver with galvanic baths process. Each chess figure is perfected by hand taking it weeks and sometimes even months to finish an entire chess set. Piero Benzoni chess sets have decades long history since original company by Piero Benzoni himself was established back in 1966. During the decades various chess sets produced by Benzoni himself ended up in houses and offices of the most important elite and wealthy people around the world. Benzoni chess sets became a statement of success in the eyes of ultra rich & famous. One Benzoni set even found its place in Pop icon Michael Jackson's mansion. It was a highly appreciated piece of art for him. Jackson loved playing chess with his son using one of such sets. The original piece is still on display in Michael Jackson museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are an official partner of family owned chess factory located in Tuscany, Italy. For years we strive to deliver the best customer experience to every client we serve. Each chess set we offer in our store could be delivered to almost any country in the world using shipping partners we work with such as UPS, Fedex or DHL.

If you wish to see Benzoni Chess collection in person - just let us know and we will arrange a meeting for you in Chess Factory showroom located in Florence, Italy. In case you have any questions or need any more details about the Benzoni series Chess Sets - contact us (call or send a message) anytime via Whatsapp: +37062407523

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Showing 1 - 43 of 43 items