Painting is not just for professional artist! Whenever conversation turns to painting people often say, “I don’t know how!” completely forgetting their childhood when painting wasn’t about perfection but the simple joy of creation - colours, textures, brushstrokes… Children don’t worry about the final result, they experiment, express their emotions, and let their imagination take over all the while just relishing the moment. 

That is why painting should not be valued by the ability to create a precise picture, it really doesn’t matter what you paint! The most important parts are relaxation and experimenting with colours. It’s no wonder why art therapy is steadily gaining popularity all around the world, including here in Lithuania. It helps people wind down, let go of their daily problems no matter big or small and just let their creativity flow free.

We here at HOBI.LT hope you will not bury your imagination in the “can’t therefore I won’t” part of your mind. If you are too intimidated to experiment yourself, try out one of our paint by number kits of which we have over 300 unique ones! You can never know; the first project could get you hooked and coming back for more kits or even your very first easel!

And if your friends or family member are artistically inclined our paint by number kits make excellent gifts as well! It’s the perfect gift that combines colours, recreation, and positive emotions!

  • Paint by numbers

    Paint by numbers kits from Artventura. Artventura collection features over 150 designs in 2 collections - main collection 40x50cm and mini collection 16.5x13cm. Main collection uses only best quality components, including stretched canvas with a wooden panel and acrylic paint. Artventura is the only paint by numbers producer in Europe, who uses stretched canvas, instead of cardboard. Our customer deserves only the best, stretched canvas with a wooden panel is the only go to option for most artists.

    You can fully express your creative flair with Artventura kits and we make painting accessible for anyone. Collection includes designs based on famous painting as well as unique creations of Artventura team. You will find kits, based on flowers, buildings, still life, landscapes and many more.

  • Easels
    High quality wood easels for art display and painting.
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Showing 1 - 48 of 375 items