5D Diamond paintings
If you are a fan of cross-stitching and other handicrafts we have the next new project for you – our 5D diamond paintings are a truly magical experience! You will find everything you need in the kit: all the necessary tools, detailed instructions on how to work the magic and of course the beautiful tiny rhinestones that bring the painting to life. 

No special preparation is needed only precision and concentration. Creating one of these stunning painting will keep you occupied for hours – each applied little diamond reveals a new part of the unique painting and the process itself is truly relaxing therefore making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for some quality alone time or just a way to unwind. Here at HOBI.LT we have multiple different series and a multitude of stunning pictures in varying levels of difficulty. Each finished painting can be framed and hung up on the wall to bring joy as a new part of your home décor. Therefore, this is a great gift for anyone who likes crafting or is just looking for a new hobby. Are you looking for an enjoyable activity for a child? Check out our one of a kind Wizardi wood diamond painting series where the rhinestones are glued directly on wood. Use them as home decorations, pencil holders, keychains, or refrigerator magnets. These kits are simple, easy to assemble and come in attractive packages – ideal for gifting. Purchase your favourite diamond painting online from the extensive assortment of HOBI.LT and enjoy the lasting joy of your unique, carefully crafted work!

  • АZ series

    Diamond paintings from Russian manufacturer Алмазная живопись. Short video about the kits:

  • WIZARDI series

    Each Wizardi Diamond Painting kit comes in stylish designer packaging, which makes them great gifts for any occasion, and contains all the necessary materials to start right away. Feel the magic of creativity with Wizardi! We also deliver Worldwide!

  • Wizardi wood series

    Apart from the kits equipped with square rhinestones and the standard canvas, Wizardi offer innovative DIY diamond painting kits that come with plywood panels. This series features a variety of fun and eye-catching designs. Completed with colourful rhinestones, the finished pieces can be used in lots of different ways: as magnets, pendants, home décor elements or gifts. Just let your imagination run wild! As for boxes and tea houses, the creative process involves not only pasting the shiny rhinestones on the plywood surface, but also assembling the pieces into a functional item. This DIY approach pretty much reflects the modern trend towards simplicity and functionality. The easy-to-make products perform a useful function of keeping your items in place or decorating your home interior. Each Wizardi kit comes in stylish designer packaging, which makes them great gifts for any occasion, and contains all the necessary materials to start right away.

  • RIOLIS Diamond Mosaic

    RIOLIS Diamond Mosaic - new and interesting hobby. Check this short video by manufacturer:

  • Crafting Spark Diamond Paintings

    Crafting Spark is a new brand of craft products. Diamond painting kits from Crafting Spark are produced in Europe using safe and high-quality materials. You can choose from more than 80 different diamond painting designs, whatever you like: flowers, nature, animals or any other theme. The best thing about Crafting Spark products is the possibility to create anything you like even if you haven’t tried any creative hobby before. Each kit includes detailed instructions and all the necessary materials to finish your diamond painting. So diamond painting kits from Crafting Spark doesn’t require any specific skills or previous experience. The only thing you need to do is to choose the diamond painting design you like the most. We are sure that you will love both the process and the final result!

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Showing 1 - 48 of 1486 items