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Embark on a journey of enlightenment with our curated collection of books on tarot and fortune telling. Whether you're a curious beginner or a seasoned practitioner, our range offers a wealth of knowledge, from the intricate symbolism of Tarot cards to the ancient art of divination. Dive deep into the mysteries of the universe, understand the nuances of every card, and master the art of prediction. Our selection is not just about reading the future. It's about empowering you with knowledge and insight to shape your destiny.

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    The masterpiece by Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith, reproduced from the very first edition of December 1909. With instructions from Sasha Graham, one of America's most famous experts, revealing the secrets of every Arcana in the highest quality deck of the first great Tarot of the modern era, for clear, in-depth and profound readings.Book has...

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    The Crowley Tarot Handbook provides a thorough guide to the background and methodology of tarot reading with the Crowley Thoth Tarot deck. For those who are ready to delve even deeper into the meanings of the cards created by Lady Frieda Harris and Aleister Crowley, this handbook offers detailed analysis of the rich symbolism and the myriad correlations...

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    The Three Principles of Oneness: How Embodying the Cosmic Perspective Can Liberate Your Life. In todays changing landscape, many are searching for a spiritual practice that is science based and aligns with how the universe actually works. Learn how to experience harmony in all areas of life with the Three Principles of Oneness, a scientifically sound,...

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    Talented artist Patrick Valenza presents uniquely alternative interpretations of traditional tarot with symbolism inspired by childhood dreams and visions. This fully illustrated book takes you behind the scenes of Deviant Moon to glimpse the creative inspiration and artistic technique that gave rise to this popular tarot deck. Patrick also offers...

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    From award-winning author and artist Kris Waldherr, The Goddess Tarot Book is an indispensable guide to mastering the language of feminine symbols and ancient mysticism used in the best-selling The Goddess Tarot Deck.Book has 208 pages.Book size: 17.8 x 12 cm (7" x 4.7").Weight of the book: 190 g (0.4 lbs.) (approx).New, sealed. Made in Italy.100%...

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    This illustrated companion book to Chrysalis Tarot explores the spiritual journey of self-discovery and transformation that leads to higher consciousness. Part I examines the magic and energy of the Otherworld that guides you on this journey. Each of the five chapters focuses on a character from the Chrysalis Tarot illustrated with an original sketch by...

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    Lewis Carroll's masterpiece is entrusted to an exceptional narrator: the artistry of Paolo Barbieri. The master of Italian illustration tells the story of his Alice - stubborn and rebellious - "in Wonderland", while Lewis Carroll's texts in a new translation provide the setting. An illustrated book where classic and modern are both dresses the reader can...

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