Quercetti Skyrail Jurassic 6 mtr 6434

Q 6434

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43 supports and junctions in 2 colours
47 track connectors
16 joints
25 pillars in 2 colours
30 curved tracks
19 straight tracks
6 base pieces
2 marbles

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Worldwide delivery with Tracking

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AgeFrom 3-6 years

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With Skyrail Jurassic you can create exciting ball-tracks. Build up to 6 metres of spectacular suspended tracks, which then serve as a setting for spectacular prehistoric adventures with your favourite dinosaur. Skyrail Jurassic was designed to be used with big transparent balls, with fantastic dinosaurs inside: so you can make interesting observations, experiments and discoveries in the world of physics (velocity, gravity, centrifugal force, friction) and intuitively comprehend the fundamental principles.