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Hello. Just to let you know that the 'Shining of the North' cross stitch kits have arrived. Thank you for them, the bag, mini kit and catalogue. I will be ordering more! Your service is astounding, really appreciated. Thank you again. - Steph

Hello, I just received the order I made. Thank you very much and thank you very much for the gifts. It has arrived very fast. I'm very happy. I also send you a photograph. Best regards - Raquel




    A roller coaster full of fun experiments.

    A world of intricate tracks makes for double the fun: children can first build the track, giving vent to their imagination and creativity, then watch balls go along at high speed without flying off the tracks. This game guarantees many hours di fun playtime, but the real attraction is the interesting observations of the world of physics, such as speed, gravity, centrifugal force and friction. Basic principles become easy to understand and can be put to the test at any time.
  • Marble run

    Paths to take while growing up

    The Quercetti Marble Runs accompany the child through growth, encouraging the discovery of the basic principles of physics and dynamics, but more than anything they are just complete and utter fun. First one can enjoy independently building up the paths in thousands of different ways and with extreme ease, thanks to the fact that the easy-to-use and intuitive parts simply slot into place together. After that, one can test the freshly-conceived runs with the included marbles, which are amazing fun to watch as they plummet down, along straight sections, curves, ramp-jumps, and tunnels. In other words, our marble tracks ensure endless hours of enthralling playing, either alone or in good company.
  • Gears

    The gears of creativity - in colour!

    A series of products where all it takes is one finger to put fantasy in motion: the cogs turn and set off an extraordinary chain reaction! The magic of the moving gears never wears off, and children never get tired of watching, at first, then taking them apart and putting them together again in completely new creations. This game guarantees many hours of fun playtime. And at the same time some basic principles of mechanics become clear. Educational fun with Quercetti gears.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 27 items