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QUALITY CHESS SETS – some board games have rich history and are considered classics. Such games are chess, dominos, and various card games. HOBI.LT particularly focuses on high end chess sets: we offer classic and modern handmade Italian chess pieces & chess boards in numerous variations. All our chess sets are exceptionally high quality and have immense artistic value. Make sure to explore our massive chess collection.

GLOBES & BAR GLOBES – Regardless if you prefer modern elegant or more traditional educational globes you can find them all among our store’s wide variety of luxurious Italian globes. A proper high society symbol - Globe Bar - is available in many different variations for any taste. These outstanding quality globes produced in Italy for over 80 years will become not only the centre of your interior but a symbol of education and sophistication in any home or office space. A globe is an excellent business present for any well educated individual as well as a source of inspiration for every young traveller.

CROSS STITCH KITS – ordering a kit online is a quick, comfortable, time and money saving way to get a hold of the most charming embroidery & cross stitch kits. We offer more than 3000 gorgeous modern Cross Stitch embroidery patters from worldwide famous manufacturers such as RIOLIS, Merejka, Zolotoe Runo (Golden Fleece), Luca-s, Oven, MP-Studija, Merejka, Golden Hands, Andriana and much more. Cross Stitching is a lot more comfortable with embroidery hoops and specialised embroidery frames. We offer a plentiful variety for all of these in our online store. We are based in Lithuania[EU], so all shipping is done from our own warehouse. No  dropshipping!

DIAMOND MOSAIC PAINTINGS – diamond paintings are an increasingly popular and highly addictive hobby for anyone who is patient and meticulous enough. Putting such puzzles together is like tranquil colour and art therapy for you and your Soul. If only you will find patience and concentration needed for this enthralling activity, your home will be decorated with stunning art pieces made with your OWN HANDS – Diamond Paintings.

SCALE MODELING – paper models, wooden boats, trains remind everyone of their childhood. We offer exeptionally high quality world-renowned scale model kits produced in Spain. Maximum modelling enjoyment - guaranteed. Our store will provide you with your next scale model project – highest quality kit – excellent leisure is guaranteed! Make sure to browse our large collection of scale ship models.

JIGSAW PUZZLES – we have one of the largest Ravensburger Puzzles warehouse in the world. Jigsaw puzzles for adults and children, 3D puzzles, even the WORLD’S BIGGEST PUZZLES (Memorable Disney Moments & New York City Window) are waiting for you in our online shop. We deliver WORLDWIDE! Excellent pastime and a great present for people of any age. For those who want to hang the completed puzzle on the wall – we offer puzzle glue. With puzzle glue you can easily glue and preserve your puzzle as an interior decoration piece.

PAINT BY NUMBER KITS – many of us still remember the joy of painting by numbers when we were children. No need to be nostalgic – the paintings grew up with us! In our store you will find painting kits on real canvas with stretcher frames. Each kit has everything to make you feel like a true artist – paintbrushes, paints, canvas, instructions etc. And if you need a sturdy wooden easel – you can get one here as well.

3D PAPER SCULPTURES – create stunning paper figures with our papercraft kits that would put even the famous Origami's to shame! Striking animals and other figures made from special, high-quality paper will not only add an accent of colour to your walls but also become a great present for any occasion – both as a kit and as a finished product.

EDUCATIONAL TOYSsmart toys for clever children. Toy sets for children of any age, designed to stimulate their imagination and fascinate even their parents. Well known Italian manufacturer Quercetti offers a great selection of exceptional quality toys. Pixel Art & Marble Run constructors are perfect for older children. Educational toy is a great present to thrill any child, because each toy is packaged in beautiful, BIG, high-quality box.

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